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Each of us are internationally trained mountain and ski guides who collectively represent the highest quality in Guiding.  We are special because we have joined together as individual entrepreneurs to become a strong team. We share a passion for the mountains and a close relationship to the region. We can offer you an unforgettable experience and look forward to welcoming you as our guests. You can contact each of us directly or via our general contact address.

We look forward to sharing unforgettable moments!

Sincerely, the Kitzbüheler Bergführer

Thomas Rabl

Berg- und SchiführerA-6383 Erpfendorf/Tirol
Oberrain 22
+43 664 3918160

Toni Moßhammer

Berg- und SchiführerA-6353 Going
Pramaweg 52
+43 664 5373649

Roman Kernmaier

Berg- und SchiführerA-6382 Kirchdorf
Schwendterstrasse 2/1
+43 664 4007960

Sebastian Obermoser

Berg- und SchiführerA-6370 Kitzbühel
Maurachfeld 19
+43 664 3960838

Reinhold Percht

Berg- und SchiführerA-6370 Kitzbühel
Sonngrub 66d
+43 664 3890705

Wastl Fürstaller

Berg- und SchiführerA-6352 Ellmau
Wimm 25
+43 5358 2088

Mathias Leo

Berg- und SchiführerA-6380 St. Johann
Mag.Ed. Angererweg 23
+43 676 9335115

Markus Noichl

Berg- und SchiführerA-6370 Kitzbühel
Wieseneggweg 7
+43 664 4606131

David Kreiner

Berg- und SchiführerA-6370 Kitzbühel
Stegerwiese 15
+43 699 19180899

Christian Hechenberger

Berg- und SchiführerA-6372 Oberndorf
Haslach 17
+43 664 5430525

Thomas Müllauer

Berg- und SchiführerA-6380 St. Johann
Mag. Ed. Angererweg 21a
+43 664 5441222

Robert Trixl

Berg- und SchiführerA-6391 Fieberbrunn
Schradlbühel 4
+43 664 4245865

Anton Landmann

Berg- und SchiführerA-6373 Jochberg
Erlauweg 14
+43 650 5581763

Sepp Hechenberger

Berg- und SchiführerA-6373 Jochberg
Schnaitelgasse 12
+43 664 2669143

Johannes Trixl

Berg- und SchiführerA-6391 Fieberbrunn
Neumoos 33
+43 664 2387332

Guido Unterwurzacher

Berg- und SchiführerA-6353 Going
Pramaweg 52
+43 650 9208711

Andreas Keil

Berg- und SchiführerA-6353 Going
Kaiserweg 83
+43 664 1321171

David Widauer

Berg- und SchiführerA-6353 Going
Achenweg 5
+43 664 5316215

Paul Koller

Berg- und SchiführerA-6365 Kirchberg
Reithergasse 73
+43 676 3024270

Our Mountains


In addition to the mountains of the world, the West and the Eastern Alps, we love to guide in our home mountains.

The area is easily identifies through 3 elements: Grass, stone and snowcapped mountains.

The Kitzbühel Alps are named the “Grass Mountains” due to pasture and grazing land stretching right up to the peaks. The resulting soft mountains form the ideal environment for long, easy walks and bike tours in summer.  In winter, the mountains, with a base at the world famous Hahnenkamm, is ideal for skiing and snowshoe tours. Excellent lift infrastructure provides a paradise for skiers of all variants.

On the Northern edge of the Alps, the ‘Steinberge’ form an inviting rugged area for climbing. Whilst the climbing mecca Wilder Kaiser, over to the Steinplatte, the Lofer and Leogang limestone mountains – provide the perfect playground for all.

To the South, close to the Kitzbüheler Alps, the glaciated peaks of Hohe Tauern called ‘Schneeberge; or ‘Snow Mountains’ are designated as part of the Alpine divide.  The most of famous is Grossglockner and Grossvenegiger, which from Kitzbühel are a comfortable two day adventure.

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